About us

Guaranteed quality

Every DWild product undergoes quality and aesthetic inspections to guarantee its the best possible product for our customers.

State-of-the-art technology and machinery

Materials used in production of DWild saunas is compliant with the FSC standards NC-COC-009145 and NC-CW-009145.

Customer comes first

Tailor-made solutions to customer specification

Accurate and fast delivery times

Innovative products and solution

Personalized approach

Dedicated team with long-term experience on sauna products and markets

Transparent origin of material

Personalised sauna product ranges for different market segments

Products and materials

Tailor-made saunas

At DWild we carry over 10 years of experience from sauna production and engineering on our belt.

We’re producing high-quality ready-made saunas with an outstanding combination of lasting product quality, combined with modern design, and attention to the last detail.

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Sauna products

In addition to bench boards and ready-made saunas, we also provide a range of sauna products.

High-quality bench modules, bench skirts, backrests and sauna accessories added with high-quality sauna and steam doors compliment our product range.

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Claddings & bench boards

We offer a range of sauna timbers and profiles. Our cladding and bench board products provide many opportunities to create a unique sauna.

We are happy to help sauna enthusiasts and professionals around the world find the best solution for their saunas.

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